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29-Dec-2017 12:53

I know a few NYC financial consultant pretty boys, but moreso than not, young hot Latinas prefer a rough looking older guy who isn't afraid to throw or take punches over a well-dressed handsome young guy.Probably why I do gang busters in Central America -- and the women aren't high maintenance in my experience, either.It becomes a reliable way for a woman to rise in social status. the women are interested in $$$$$$$ colombian women see the older man as more stable, financially better off, more likely to be a provider and less likely to fuck around on them gringos go down there and all of a sudden think they are studs because for the first time in their lives girls are showing them interest..the meantime the gringo is paying for everything....guys who women REALLY want for their looks and game etc pull beautiful women in western countries... For example, a 26 year old girl will look for a guy 26-36.

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I have no doubt her perceiving me as having more money than the average Colombian guy her age (which is true though I'm not exactly moneybags and don't know if I can make a decent living down there) is a big plus.

For the same reason you see girls in their 20's here dating guys in their 40's-50's in the US. I can't think of a single Colombian college girl that is dating a guy in his late 30's to 40's who is as broke as the average Colombian dude in his 20's.

In a lot of cases, the older guy is buying her shit and taking her places that she could never afford on her own.

It's usually the younger ones though, probably upto 21 years old or so.

But, those girls are also most often the hottest as well.

I'm 49, so technically I'm old enough to be her great-grandfather.

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