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Seventy percent of those responding preferred chocolate.· Women are far less likely to drink juice or milk straight out of a milk or juice container.

(Like this took a scientists to prove.)· Nipple piercing was a hot fad in women in the 1800s. )· Most arguments in the home take place in the kitchen.· A woman can tell just by looking at man if he wants sex.

We know that all (or most) video vixens strive for professionalism in their craft but sometimes they slip up and get caught with their panties down in front of their rap counterparts.

Here are some such divas who got chopped down by rappers.

It caters for abandoned children, especially those with physical and mental disability from birth.

He also had a chain of other businesses like the popular Eko Casino at Eko Hotel and Suites. Expectedly, Clarion and other Nollywood stars were present at the ceremony which was kept low because of the loud dedication ceremony which comes up later. K) is also an actress and she has featured in a number of Yoruba flicks.

That’s because, whenever a woman looks at a man, he wants sex.· Women who read romance novels have sex twice as much as women who don’t.

After several weeks of ‘hibernating’ as a result of what was initially a ‘minor’ injury on my right leg, I’m glad to be partially back to blogville.

)· The Victorian cure for flabby breasts was a bath in fresh strawberries.· Twice as many women as men can touch their tongues to their noses. they’re just thinking.· Men are born with an innate ability to fold a map.

(Hmm.)· In Los Angles in 1976, a woman legally married a rock with 20 guests attending. Looking at fancy clothes on a bunch of dummies.· Men carry their brains lower than women do, so when they’re scratching their crotches, they’re not being gross . But you can’t train them to fold towels, napkins, or fitted sheets.

Tossed the last egg (another ticking time bomb), cleaned up the hen and cleaned out her next box and she's right back in ready to sit on a golf ball if I had one to put under her.

There’s been a longstanding history of video vixens and rappers hooking up for fun times when the cameras stop rolling.This hen went broody early, so she got the first couple of eggs the peahens laid.

Music Career: Nicola Roberts auditioned for the TV show Popstars: The Rivals, singing a version of Shakira's 'Underneath My Clothes'.… continue reading »

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I was planning on putting it into game form because online you cannot view the full size art work properly.… continue reading »

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