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Return your hands outside of your shoulders, engage your core, and lift your body back to pushup position. Medicine Ball Overhead Rotational Slams Sets: 2Reps: 16While holding a medicine ball overhead, began to rotate your torso to your right.Hop both feet forward at shoulder width while pushing your upper body back. Keeping you toes facing forward bring the ball downward as fast as possible bending into a 3/4 squat.Lower your chest to the ground until you're completely on your stomach.Release your hands from the ground and, while keeping your head in neutral spine position, clap both hands above the crown of your head.As the ball reaches waist height release it aggresively slamming it into the ground. Stair/Treadmill Sprints Sets: 4Reps: 6 sprints Utilizing a set of stairs sprint upward keeping your toes up, driving your knees upward as high as possible.Quickly catch the medicine ball as it bounces off of the ground, and in the same movement pattern return the ball back to overhead position. Keep your chest over your thighs and your arms driving forward and back at 90 degrees as your foot strikes every other stair. If using a treadmill, set it to 10–12 degrees and sprint at a speed where you can sustain proper running mechanics and the belt is not dictating your running cycle. Sandbag Push Presses Sets: 2Reps: 12Stand tall with your feet hip width with your sandbag in rack position resting across the front of your shoulders and across your chest, keeping your elbows up in front of you slightly lower than shoulder height.

Spider Steps In pushup position, place your right foot two inches outside of your right hand, driving your hips forward.Hinging back at the hips, let your arms swing back between your legs creating a pendulum.

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