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07-Dec-2017 15:55

Living in the shadow of shooters The unsettled nature of our times is reflected in a Wall Street Journal story that finds churches, libraries and schools joining businesses in teaching people what to do if an active shooter is in the building.

“It’s going to keep happening,” a 77-year-old retired doctor told the Journal about why he attended a survival class.

Which is why Brazile is right about the need for somebody new.

In terms of both message and messenger, Clinton is a proven loser.

In her own book and interviews, she spies a vast conspiracy against her, from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to James Comey to misogynists and racists and deplorables everywhere.

Even Barack Obama, whose Justice Department saw no evil when it came to Clinton’s reprehensible self-dealing involving Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation, is nonetheless a target of ­Hillary’s ire.

The nationwide losses the party suffered under his tenure were directly owing to his leftward lurch, with his focus on the very rich and very poor.

He talked about the middle and working classes, but his policies mostly worked against them.

For now, and especially after last week’s results, leading Dems believe they have a winning approach.They are attacking Brazile personally, accusing her of telling outright lies just to sell books.Which is mighty rich when you consider the history of the Clintons.Buried in a Democratic landslide Hey, did you hear — New York City had an election? Mayor Putz easily won four more years, but as an indication of how Republicans are outgunned, he got “only” 66 percent of the vote — by far the smallest winning margin among top races.

Democrat Scott Stringer got 77 percent in winning a second term as comptroller and partymate Tish James got 74 percent in being re-elected as public advocate.

“Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,” she tweeted Wednesday.