Control dating mtv parental show

04-Nov-2017 02:27

Each parent then chooses one of the interviewed people to go on a date with their child.

The parents interview people who could later become their child's new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Parental Control is a heavily scripted "pseudo-reality" program produced by MTV.

The two directors, Brendon Carter and Bruce Klassen, have also created other MTV shows.

I drove her home afterwards because she didn’t have a ride. The funniest part of Parental Control was the witty trash talking banter between the boyfriend and the parents. The epic ending was about to begin.“I do hate to do this, but I have to eliminate one of you guys right now,” Klarissa says. I think about our long talk after the show, and making out with her in her bedroom. While we were laying in her bed the night before, she told me that whomever she chose at the end would get a bonus payment.

She lived an hour away in Orange County, which took even longer because of the nasty LA traffic. They’d be sitting in the living room watching the date supposedly unfold in real time, and they’d say very rude things to each other. The truth is that nearly everything the parents and the boyfriend said were given to them by the producers. I heard them laughing their asses off as they fed Jensen his lines. She told me she might choose Jensen and split it with him, but she didn’t know. I drove her home and slept in her bed; I was convinced she’d choose me. Then, the loud headset of a crew member broke the silence.“Ksssh…

The show isn’t scripted, but she makes it sound that way. Three months earlier I was on tour in Long Beach California with my punk rock band 5 Days Dirty.

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People ask me why I chose the date we did, but the producers of the show planned the whole thing; I had no say in the matter. I sat down at the crew’s lunch table and was told to relax and eat because it would be a while.As the concept got stale they had to compensate with crazier people. Afterwards I got the good news: I was chosen to be dater #2!

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