Corey haim dating history

02-Nov-2017 01:15

“Corey talked about sex more than anyone I have ever known,” Feldman writes. The disturbing scene was replayed when Haim, once again, pressured Feldman to hook him up.It was Haim’s hyper-sexual behavior that led Feldman to bring him together with two of his abusers, a fact that was explosively referenced when the friends were filming the reality show, “The Two Coreys.” Suddenly, before the cameras, Haim accused Feldman of unspeakable behavior: “You let me get f----d around in my life — raped, so to speak — when I was about fourteen-and-a-half years-old.” The first incident occurred on the set of “The Lost Boys,” when, according to the book, the two Coreys were sitting around in a hotel where the cast hung out along with Martin Weiss, a manager of child actors who in 2012 pleaded no contest to two counts of molestation for abusing a male client. Feldman writes that he caved in, making a call to an “older, kinda fat” actor whom he refers to as Burnham — the second man present during Haim’s alleged introduction to cocaine.

Jackson never made any sexual overtures to him, Feldman insists, but at one point, Jackson showed him pictures of diseased adult genitalia.That night, when the two were registering for a room at an overbooked Disneyland hotel, a desk clerk didn’t recognize them.Jackson was forced to show his driver’s license and an American Express card with “Disneyland” and “Michael Jackson” on it.“I didn’t want to have to do this,” he sighed, Feldman writes.

While Feldman was having innocent fun with Jackson, the scene was different at a soda pop nightclub in Los Angeles frequented by Drew Barrymore, Ricky Schroder, Christina Applegate and, of course, the two Coreys. Feldman and Haim’s girlfriend at the time, actress Alyssa Milano, co-hosted the first party.The man was Crimson, the other person present during the cocaine incident, and he was in his early 20s at this time, Feldman writes.

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