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These products use “natural” sources of the same chemical like celery and beet juice and sea salt, and are no more free from nitrates and nitrites than standard cured meats.In fact, they may even contain nitrates and nitrites when cured using “natural” preservatives.It’s important to understand that neither nitrate nor nitrite accumulate in body.

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Critical reviews of the original evidence suggesting that nitrates/nitrites are carcinogenic reveals that in the absence of co-administration of a carcinogenic nitrosamine precursor, there is no evidence for carcinogenesis.In fact, because of concerns about trichinosis from pork, it makes a lot more sense in my opinion to buy cured bacon and other pork products. Have I changed your mind about the safety of eating bacon?Let me know your thoughts on nitrates and nitrites in the comments below.Beyond just being loaded with “artery-clogging saturated fat” and sodium, bacon has been long considered unhealthy due to the use of nitrates and nitrites in the curing process.

Many conventional doctors, and well-meaning friends and relatives, will say you’re basically asking for a heart attack or cancer by eating the food many Paleo enthusiasts lovingly refer to as “meat candy”.

socialized medicine on unwilling Americans, the leading figure behind health care reform is the Jewish billionaire George Soros joined by Jewish medical, political, and academic professionals.

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