Dating pre op transsexual

21-Dec-2017 21:38

In my very short experience dating as a trans woman, I've noticed there are so many straight guys who are into trans women, but the majority don't like feeling 'deceived.' As far as I'm concerned, I'm no different than a cis woman, but a lot of straight guys don't see things this way at first, and end up feeling lied to (as unfair and horrible an experience as that might be for us on the receiving end).When they feel this way, they may pull away even if they had originally thought they could date a trans woman.In my heart and soul, I've always been a girl, and once I was able to, I made physical changes to live the way I've always felt inside.I understand if you haven't really come across this in the past, but please know this doesn't change any part of what we've had so far.Any surgical procedure, especially one of that nature, is obviously going to be personal.I really can't say how I'd react until in that situation, so that's really hard for me to say.

It's not perfect, and it's not truly reflective of what it means to be trans, but it's a start.I don't really see them as ever having been a man, as much as they just had a man's anatomy.I would understand if they didn't tell people right away, because that kind of thing is pretty private.If you were in a long relationship with a trans person and figured out about the op later, what would be your thoughts and what would you do?

Would you continue dating them if this fact was established early on in the relationship? Vital information like that should be established before things get serious.2. Not just because I don't personally agree with dating a trans woman, but I also absolutely hate being lied to.

He lives in a another country where I visit pretty often. But the actual problem is that he doesn't know that I am transgender and I really wanna tell him but don't know how.

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