Java validating parser

29-Dec-2017 03:36

If applicable, add the following below the License * Header, with the fields enclosed by brackets [] replaced by your own * identifying information: "Portions Copyrighted [year] * [name of copyright owner]" * * Contributor(s): * * If you wish your version of this file to be governed by only the CDDL or * only the GPL Version 2, indicate your decision by adding "[Contributor] * elects to include this software in this distribution under the [CDDL or GPL * Version 2] license." If you don't indicate a single choice of license, a * recipient has the option to distribute your version of this file under * either the CDDL, the GPL Version 2 or to extend the choice of license to * its licensees as provided above.

However, if you add GPL Version 2 code * and therefore, elected the GPL Version 2 license, then the option applies * only if the new code is made subject to such option by the copyright * holder.

What this means is that developers can access and process XML data without having to know XML or XML processing.

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An XML document does not have to have a schema, but if it does, it must conform to that schema to be a valid XML document.You can obtain * a copy of the License at * or glassfish/bootstrap/legal/See the License for the specific * language governing permissions and limitations under the License.Suppose you need to develop a Java application that accesses and displays data in XML documents such as

These documents contain data about books, such as book name, author, description, and ISBN identification number.

You could use the SAX or DOM approach to access an XML document and then display the data. In that case, you would need to: After unmarshalling, your program can access and display the data in the XML document simply by accessing the data in the Java content objects and then displaying it.

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