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17-Oct-2017 12:12

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Madigan, 48, is back in Montreal for one delicious reason.“It’s the pizza,” she said. It’s the smoked meat pizza.“You really can’t get it anywhere else in the world, that I know of.

It’s not available in the States.”Madigan is often described as one of the best comics around – even though she’s simply one of the best comics around.“I don’t wake up in the morning and think ‘I am a lady.’ It’s just something I don’t think about,” she said.

She was a standout athlete in high school, despite her short stature, and honed her comedy routines on open mic nights in the St. She made two ISO tours, performing for American soldiers abroad, along with fellow comedian Lewis Black and musician Kellie Pickler.

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Madigan acknowledged the JFL line-up is dominated by male acts – something she sees in the industry generally.“A lot of women don’t want to be on the road 300 nights a year,” she explained.