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09-Jan-2018 10:11

If the total score of all scored assessments is 100, the user needs to score 70 points to unlock the certificate.The 70% threshold is applied on a course level, so it does not matter how and where you score the 70 points.Every MOC On-Demand that you registered for is listed on your Skillpipe bookshelf.If you don’t see your course listed, make sure you followed the course activation instructions included with the redeemable course code you received when registering.How to take a MOC On-Demand Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are available through Microsoft Learning Partners and, for Microsoft Imagine Academy members, on Courseware Marketplace, and they provide exclusive authorized training using Microsoft Official Courses.Find a MOC On-Demand through a Microsoft Learning Partner After you purchase your course from a Learning Partner, you receive a confirmation email with a redeemable course code, details, and instructions.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are structured in a modular format.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are created by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

Only Microsoft Learning Partners and Courseware Marketplace (for Microsoft Imagine Academy members) can offer authorized Microsoft Official Courses.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand are created by the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies: Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and subject matter experts.

Direct-from-the-source content that includes hands-on training—which increases skill proficiency—combined with anytime, anywhere learning, makes Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand an ideal solution for busy, time-constrained professionals to grow their IT skills—and their career.

Courses that play in MLX are composed of modules that take between three and eight minutes to watch.

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