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Long review, so grab some popcorn and soda cause there are so many things to ;s begin.

Mom and I have lived here for 2 years, between the mold, mice, copperheads, bed bugs, sugar ants, fire ants, backed up plumbing, took almost 2 years to get screens (still don't fit), no fan above stove (code issue), they have tried to evict me 3 times for paying my rent ( have proof), furnaces are red tagged and the gas company won't light it and the Mineral Wells fire department came out and shut off all gas, they shook their head and said whoever lit the furnace last year (or we would have froze) is an idiot and they could have caused an explosion.

Well, I also have duplicate checks so when I write it out, I have a copy AND, I have the postmark, with the stamp, with my return address.....

I bet you are thinking, wow, you have to go thru all of that every month, YES, which is why you should tuck tail and run like the wind in the opposite direction from which you more some place else, but don't make slum lords money by them making people suffer.

During those 4 weeks, they still refused to do anything about the air conditioning so I about had enough by this point!

I started looking for a new place to live while I stayed in that hotel and soon as I found a place, I moved out!

The homes (the one I lived in and several of the neighbors homes whom I befriended) had mice infestations and roaches.

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The neighborhood is low income housing, a lot of poverty. I lived here for a year before I just up and left literally!O, and we always have to remember to take a picture of the postmark from the post office the day the rent checks are mailed......otherwise, yup you guessed it, they will try and evict you saying your rent is late....

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