Software for a dating website

28-Jun-2017 09:59

Notification emails for Winks arrive whilst user's session is active. Wink emails should instead be included in the digest email similar to other notifications. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Anna at Ska Date for all the time she has invested in helping me get my site up and running. Also, I managed to setup everything within the first month of free support, so I don't know if support changes ones the free one runs out.

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The company is also a prominent fixture of the annual i Date Awards (celebrating the best achievements in the world of online dating industry), becoming the finalist in the category of Best Dating Software Producer for several years in the row.

Kudos to your team and thank you for providing me with a platform that gets me off the ground quickly and showing true support for the issues I may encounter.

I plan on developing at least three more dating sites and without a doubt I will be licensing them do your organization and that's not even begin to talk about the fact that you guys are now offering custom code.

Support installed the script for me quickly, helped with basic settings within my free month of support. It takes about 1 or 2 months to get your head around the admin side of the software.

My site is fully operational so the overall experience of the software and support was good. Once the site is up and running with active users you will start noticing a lot of unfinished or half-baked features that the users will complain about.It seems like every time I'm in trouble with their software, they have some excuse.