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22-Jun-2017 22:20

We ask for the public to pray for us, give law enforcement and our firm the strength to bring the answers in this case.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated as explained below. In 1997, Steed was a 14-year-old junior counselor well on his way to earning the rank of Eagle when he arrived at Camp Little Lemhi, a scenic campground on the Snake River south of Grand Teton National Park in southeastern Idaho.

As wc can assume the public and the media has many questions regarding the direction now being taken by our team and we would like to address it today. Second, we will now begin the process of “starting over” and reviewing each and every piece of evidence and interviews once again to ensure that we did not miss anything.

And last, we want to explore “secondary areas” in the lower Leadore, Idaho area based upon the master timeline and distance studies we have done.

According to “Scout’s Honor,” an explosive six-part series published by the Idaho Falls Post Register in 2005, Steed then took matters into his own hands and assembled a group of Stowell’s victims (many were easily spotted by the necklaces that the predator gave out to his favorite targets) and demanded that something be done.

Within a week, the police took Stowell away, and he confessed to molesting at least 24 boys over nine years, many of them at Camp Little Lemhi.

But when Steed went public with his story to a local newspaper, he claimed that after he told camp officials that Stowell was waking up boys in the middle of the night to fondle them, he was told not to tell his parents.

We firmly again believe that three people have the answer to this case. Stop making stories up and stop misleading law enforcement and our firm.

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