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28-Jan-2018 11:48

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Many of its checks are for basic formatting issues.However, some checks are specifically for issues that may affect Web publications.How do I control where Office Publisher 2007 organizes the website files it publishes?

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Before you publish your website, check to make sure that the site will work as you expect and that you have addressed all possible issues that may arise.

Before following this procedure, contact your ISP or system administrator to get the information that you need to publish to an FTP site.

You also have to create an FTP site in FTP Locations.

Publishing your site to a location on your computer can serve several purposes: Your ISP can provide you with information that will help you decide the publishing method that is best for you.

Whether you publish to the web or to your computer, Office Publisher 2007 assembles all the related files that it creates in a single folder.Before you can add an FTP site to the list in FTP Locations, you must have access to the Internet or to an intranet.