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It was the Emmy award-winning Markoe, arguably as much as Letterman himself, who set the silly, ironic, smart and absurd tone of the show.This in-depth exploration of what made such amazing and precedent-shattering television during her tenure is an absolute pleasure to read.I remember that one of Dave’s managers wanted the guests to make their entrances by sliding down a chute and then landing on a sea of throw pillows.But even more vivid, is the memory of how little blood there was in Dave’s face when he was presenting the news to me.

After a few wildly successful appearances on , Letterman was given his own daytime talk show on NBC in 1980, and he brought in Markoe (whom he’d been dating since 1978) as his head writer.

Somehow we succeeded in getting that idea shit-canned. I was particularly sick of seeing everyone on television doing that bigger-than-life, fraudulent, full of shit television persona—which was mainly how the shows all worked then.

How did your next project, , and I was helping him come up with comedy material for those appearances. This prospect seemed less appealing to me than it did to Dave, but by now I was in over my head with regard to both of Freud’s two big areas: work and love. Steve O’Donnell—a longtime writer for —once described the show’s staff as those who really liked television but also kind of hated television. I welcomed the idea of a host being caught having real reactions to odd situations. One immediate task—when we were determining how to construct a daily format—was to create segments that could be repeated.

The show didn’t last long, partly because Letterman and Markoe’s humor didn’t translate to an early-morning crowd, and partly because they nearly burned the studio down (more on that later). But, in 1982, NBC gave Letterman another chance, and, more important, a better time slot.

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, hosted by Letterman’s idol, Johnny Carson—was a perfect fit, and, thanks largely to Markoe’s indispensable collaboration, it became a unique and inimitable comic creation.

Merrill Markoe: I was certainly against the war in Vietnam. By the way, everything smelled like patchouli back then!

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